Major features:


This guide camera uses a 4.9 x 3.7mm CCD (1/3" format) and will slide into a 1.25" focusing assembly. It may also be used with a 'CS' mount camera lens. The weight is less than 100 grams.


The rear panel of any SXVR camera provides multiple inputs and outputs to drive the SXV autoguider. The autoguider output to the mount is opto-isolated and will drive any standard active-low guider input via an RJ11 'telephone' lead.

SXV/EX autoguider

The Parallel and serial socket is an 18 way latching high density connector, which provides both power and control signals for the external guide camera. It also carries two RS232 serial ports for external device control. If the serial ports are not required, the guide camera may be connected directly to this socket, otherwise a small 'port divider' box can be connected in-line and presents the two serial outputs on standard 9 pin 'D' plugs.

SXV EX Autoguider 

A typical guider frame, taken with an exposure of 1 second via an 80mm F5 guide 'scope.
Dark frame subtracted.